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Backlit Signs

Backlit signs, as the name suggests, are signs which illuminate a graphic sign from the rear this is the traditional way which signs have been illuminated. Signs can be backlit with various lighting options including more modern lighting methods such as LEDs, however, fluorescent tube lighting is still an option regularly used. Outdoor backlit signs can be completely bespoke; however, there are some first-rate standard aluminium profiles that offer solutions to most straight forward backlit requirements. The standard outdoor Titan backlit light box offers a good cost effective solution for backlit signage for small to medium sizes (e.g. 0.3m x 03m to 4m x 1m) or the Flex Face light box offers flexible solutions for medium to super large applications (e.g. 1m x 1m up to 30m x 5m or even bigger!).

Backlit light box

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